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Laurie Ann's Recommended Baby Products

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

I have created this list of my top recommended products for my clients and other new families to use as a guide. Please note that these are products that have proven to be successful for many of my clients, but they are just my recommendations. Every baby is different and you are the best mom for your baby.

Feel free to click on each image to go directly to the amazon link and view more details about the products!

Feeding Essentials

This is a great tool to use to collect "let down" breastmilk

The pumping bra is a must have! We always know moms could use more hands. This will hold the pump on your breasts so you can use your hands for other things.

The boppy pillow is a great tool to use to support your baby while breastfeeding

A great tool to use to illumine night time feeding and changing locations

Dr.Brown's bottles prevent colic and gas bubbles

Avent Bottles are great for breastfed babies

Pacifier clips so you don't have to worry about losing or dropping pacifiers

This high chair will grow with your baby through all stages of feeding

These bowls have a suction cup bottom, so your baby won't spill the food

These bandana bibs are very absorbent and cute!

These are the best burp cloths I have tried! Very absorbent!


This diaper trash can keeps the smell of dirty diapers contained

This wipes dispenser is a great way to store wipes and avoid struggling to pull wipes out of the bags one handed

This diaper bag dispenser and scented arm and hammer bags (linked below) are perfect for when you are out with your baby and need to change a dirty diaper. Just tie the diaper up in this bag and the smell will be gone!

This diaper bag backpack is convenient for both mom and dad to carry and it is also a great way to keep everything organized.

Household Cleaning and Baby Health Products

This detergent is safe for baby skin and smells so fresh and clean.


These bath wipes are great to use when your baby is dirty, but you don't have time for a bath


This is the snoo bassinet. It ricks and soothes your baby to sleep and you can control it from your phone

Theses swaddles are very easy to use and babies love them!

This sound machine/night light soothes babies to sleep and can be controlled from your phone

This baby monitor is a favorite of many of my clients

Baby Gear

This baby carrier is very simple to use and you can carry your baby in it various ways

This baby bouncer is perfect to use when you need to set your baby down. The one above has a mobile and music and the one below is a little bit more simple.

The dockatot is a great tool to use to lay your baby down in a safe place on the couch or a bed while they are sleeping or resting.

The boppy lounger is great to use as it is a pillow that keeps your baby's head slightly elevated while they rest.

The sit me up seat is a great alternative to a bumbo seat. Babies are able to practice head control and sitting up.

This stroller and car seat grows with your baby. As an infant, the car seat clicks right into the stroller base. In the toddler stage, there is a new insert to use. This stroller is also very easy to fold and lift, even one handed!

This car mirror allows you to see your baby when you are driving.

These car seat covers are great to protect your baby from germs and other people when you are out. And it also doubles as a nursing cover!


These zip up pajamas are comfortable for babies and easy for parents to use. They even have built in mittens to protect your baby from scratching his or her face.

These side snap shirts are great to use in the first week or two while your baby's umbilical cord is still attached.

I would love to know your favorite products or what you have tried from this list!

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