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Recommended Products

These are some of our top recommended products! For access to our full list of products, contact us! *We may earn a small commission from the links below at no extra cost to you!

Baby Bjorn Carrier

This Baby Bjorn carrier in the jersey material is our favorite! It's gentle and supportive enough for a newborn and adjusts to grow with baby as they get bigger. It's really simple to put on with just a few straps and a clip.

Bathtub with Sling

This is essential for newborn bath time! Make sure you get a tub with some sort of infant insert or sling. A countertop or sink bathtub is our favorite so that postpartum moms don't have bend over a tub to bathe their slippery newborn!

Breastmilk Storage Bags

These are our favorite breastmilk storage bags to store and freeze breastmilk in.

Electric Baby Nail File

This electric nail file is safe for baby fingers and toes and easily files them down! Baby nails grow fast and can be sharp! No more fear of cutting your baby's fingers!

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Elvie Curve

This is a must have breastfeeding product! It is similar to the haakaa as a silicone manual breastpump/ milk collector. However, this is much easier to use as it fits right in your bra. We also use this as a tool to collect milk with minimal to no suction so that you don't signal your body to make more milk.

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Nesting Pillow

This is our favorite Nursing Pillow. What's different about the Nesting Pillow is that the filling allows you to get your baby into the proper position, and then it conforms to baby's body and its weight helps it to stay put. The miracle of buckwheat hulls is that they not only move around like a bean-bag, but they are shaped like little pyramids that interlock together like puzzle pieces so it gives stable support whatever size, shape or position you are in (and where you're sitting!).

Pumping Bra

If you plan to breastfeed, this is a must have! A pumping bra helps pumping be more efficient and effective and it also frees up your hands!

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Silverette Cups

Silver – a naturally antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial metal – contains potent anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to soothe and prevent soreness and pain during the breastfeeding journey. Thousands of moms, doctors, and obstetricians swear by Silverette®. The one-and-only FDA-registered silver nursing cups made in Italy by fully-licensed silversmiths, Silverette® are your best friend in the fight against painful nipples caused by nursing or pumping. Their anatomical design hugs your breasts’ natural shape, meaning maximum relief with zero bulk or discomfort. Their secret is their pure 925 silver composition – no additional creams or lotions are necessary to make them work! They’re comfortable, easy to use, and last forever, no matter how many children you have.

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Swaddle me Velcro Swaddles

These Velcro swaddles are so nice to have on hand and they are simple to use!

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