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Virtual Package

I will support you as you transition into motherhood through your Personalized Virtual Package. An overview of the services include, but are not limited to:


*Teaching Techniques for Basic Infant Care such as swaddling, first bath, care for the umbilical cord, and best use of baby/feeding equipment

*Encourage best practices for mother’s rest and recovery

*Establish a feeding routine to support optimal sleep for the whole family. If breastfeeding, I will teach techniques for successful milk production.

*Emotional Support for both parents- validation of the birth experience

*Help navigate new relationships with family and friends

*Offer recommendations for products for mom and baby

*Teach Techniques to encourage partner participation



Free Consultation

Prebirth Meeting

Unlimited Texting (Starting at Prebirth meeting until 2 weeks postpartum)

Video Calls via FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, or Zoom

*First Week: Up TWO Hours of video call support each day (Typically 2 video calls a day)

**Second Week: Up to ONE hour of video call support each day (Typically one video call a day)

Plus Additional Daily Check ins via text

*Although virtual support does not include "hands-on support" from Laurie Ann, we have found our virtual clients to be very successful.  It takes time and determination from the family, but we are there to coach and guide you along the way. All packages are eligible to be done virtually. Contact Laurie Ann for your free consultation.

$250 deposit due at time of agreement to reserve date of services.  The remaining balance ($650) due at pre-birth meeting. 



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