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Virtual Package

I will support you as you transition into motherhood through your Personalized Virtual Package. An overview of the services include, but are not limited to:


*Teaching Techniques for Basic Infant Care such as swaddling, first bath, care for the umbilical cord, and best use of baby/feeding equipment

*Encourage best practices for mother’s rest and recovery

*Establish a feeding routine to support optimal sleep for the whole family. If breastfeeding, I will teach techniques for successful milk production.

*Emotional Support for both parents- validation of the birth experience

*Help navigate new relationships with family and friends

*Offer recommendations for products for mom and baby

*Teach Techniques to encourage partner participation



Free Consultation

Prebirth Meeting

Unlimited Texting (Starting at Prebirth meeting until 2 weeks postpartum)

Video Calls via FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, or Zoom

*First Week: Up TWO Videos Calls a Day (Up to an hour each)

**Second Week: One Video Call a Day (Up to an Hour each) Plus an Additional Daily Check in

*All packages are eligible to be done virtually. Contact Laurie Ann for your free consultation.

$200 deposit due at time of agreement to reserve date of services.  Full payment due at prebirth meeting. 


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