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Holding You Close Package
*Best Value


4 Weeks of Postpartum Support

The Holding You Close Package includes: 1 hospital visit, 5 overnights, 3 follow up AND unlimited text/phone/video support from the prebirth meeting until the conclusion of services. Usually 3-4 weeks of postpartum support.

Free Consultation with Laurie Ann and Dani to determine if we are a good fit for each other. Your deposit of $600 will be due at the time of booking services and signing the contract to secure your spot on our calendar.

Pre-birth meeting (about one month prior to the due date)- with the parents to discuss birth goals, parenting philosophy and specific expectations for doula services.  We will also discuss our top recommended baby, postpartum, and feeding products to ensure you are best prepared for the birth of your baby. At this meeting your remaining package balance of $1800 is due.

Hospital Visit within 24 hours of the birth. This is a great opportunity for Laurie Ann or Dani to assist you in feeding techniques as well as answer any other questions and concerns you may have while in the hospital.  The sooner it is, the better to learn these important techniques in caring for your baby.

FIVE Overnights (10pm-6am) to provide you and your family rest for your best recovery. During an overnight visit, Laurie Ann will provide care for your baby through the night so the rest of the family can rest as much as possible. If you are breastfeeding, Laurie Ann will support you with feedings throughout the night.

THREE Follow Up Home Visits to support the establishment of best feeding and baby soothing techniques. This is a great opportunity to give baby's first bath, learn how to use equipment, and work towards any of your goals with a little extra support. We oftentimes encourage mom and dad to take a rest, take a shower, or even go grab a coffee together just to have some time alone.

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