What can a Postpartum Doula
Do for You?

What is a doula? and how can she help?

A doula is a “mom coach” who serves mothers through the challenges that often come with the birth of a new baby, offering the extra nurturing and care a woman needs during the vulnerable time surrounding childbirth.


Why would I need a doula?

As a postpartum doula, I am trained to provide emotional and educational support to moms.  Although giving birth is a natural process, being a mom may take a little coaching and mentoring from a professional who wants to hear your heart. Whether it is your first baby or not, I understand and have experienced the challenges of adjusting to life with a newborn.


With some hand-holding, I will help you become more confident and comfortable with feeding, establishing sleeping routines, basic infant care, light housekeeping, making simple meals and even assist in caring for older siblings.  Also, I provide additional services, even an overnight stay to improve your rest and recovery. 

Laurie Ann's Postpartum Doula Services


Virginia Beach, VA 23456

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