The Sleep Coaching Package is the best way to establish a sleeping routine and pattern for your  baby and family.  My "philosophy" is to encourage baby to learn what “normal’ people do…wake in day, eat, play, socialize, even poop. While night is for extended rest and rejuvenation. I do this by teaching baby a new pattern and soothe themselves, often with noise, pacifier, or simply enough food and stimulation during the day to change the routine of wakeful times during the night. I will always follow parents’ cues/requests to extinguish crying.

With the sleep coaching package ($750) I will:

  1. Develop a day plan with recommendations for day and evening feeding and sleep patterns for all caregivers to follow
  2. Conduct 2 consecutive overnights to implement sleep plan

3. Provide an additional follow up overnight visit to further encourage new sleep pattern. 

The older the baby the more diligent the mom may have to be and the longer a new pattern may take. Therefore my role is to set routines, and encourage parents to follow through while we teach baby to sleep through the night.

Sleep Coaching Package


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