This is my most popular package as the clients who have chosen this option have been the most successful. Read below to learn why!


The "Basic" Package includes the following:

*$125 deposit


Consultation (1 hour)

Pre-birth meeting- with the parents to discuss birth goals, parenting philosophy and specific expectations for doula services.  This is the perfect time for new families to meet and feel comfortable with Laurie Ann and her services.


Hospital Visit within 24 hours of the birth.  This is a great opportunity for Laurie Ann to assist you in feeding and sleeping techniques as well as answer any other questions and concerns you may have while in the hospital.  The sooner it is, the better to learn these important techniques in caring for your baby.

One Overnight Stay to provide you and your family rest for your best recovery.  During an overnight visit, Laurie Ann will provide care for your baby all night long so that the rest of the family can have a full night of rest.  If you would like to feed your baby, Laurie Ann will bring him to you when he is ready to eat.  Laurie Ann will also do some light housekeeping and meal preparation  while everyone else is resting.

TWO Follow Up Home Visits to support the establishment of best feeding and baby soothing techniques.  Laurie Ann will be there to support you as long as you need it!

The "Basic"

  • Laurie Ann is truly AMAZING and was a big blessing to me when I had my second little girl.

    I had a really hard time with my first child… breastfeeding was difficult and it was even harder to find someone to help me. I remember long nights and feeling helpless. I knew when I found out I was pregnant with my second that I needed support.

    I meet Laurie Ann and knew she was the person that could support me with number two. I, too, have family locally but also knew that my oldest daughter was going to need attention.

    My husband and I talked about it and it wasn’t a question that if she could support me the way I needed, to hire her.

    My plan was as follows and it worked very well:

    1. Hospital Visit- This was the best! She came a couple hours after the baby was born and stayed until I felt comfortable breastfeeding. This put my mind at ease while I was there, and I knew the baby was getting milk.

    2. (2) overnight visits- I knew this was the hardest and emotionally draining time for me. She came the second night out of the hospital.  Laurie Ann will stay with the baby and start sleep training while you sleep. My second child was sleeping in 6 hour stretches by the time Laurie Ann left… AMAZING!! She will bring the baby to you and help with breast feeding and support you in the late night feedings. My milk actually came in VERY fast and she helped put me on a feeding/ pumping schedule (which was a blessing!!)

    3. During her time with me, she was also only a call or text away. I got sick the first week and couldn’t get a hold of my doctor. Laurie Ann answered right away and made sure to tell me what to do with breast feeding/ pumping/ hydrating to make sure I got better and my newborn did not get sick.

    My entire family was very sad to say good bye to her because she was just so helpful!

Laurie Ann's Postpartum Doula Services


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