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Birth Doulas and Postpartum Doulas | What’s the difference?

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Most have heard of a birth doula, but few have heard of or know what a postpartum doula is.

The answer is pretty simple. Both birth doulas, and postpartum doulas provide physical, emotional, and educational support to new families. The difference is that birth doulas offer services before and during the birthing process, whereas postpartum doulas provide support after the baby is born.

Birth Doulas

Birth doulas are trained to assist women and their partner in the birthing process. They provide non-medical emotional and physical support before and during the birth of a new baby.

Postpartum Doulas

As a professional postpartum doula, Laurie Ann’s goal is to help you feel more confident and comfortable in this new season of motherhood. She specializes in feeding and sleeping routines, basic infant care, light housekeeping, preparing meals, and assisting in caring for older siblings. Laurie Ann even offers an overnight stay to improve your rest and recovery.

As we all know, your new baby does not come with an instruction manual; but, you don’t have to do it alone! A postpartum doula will help your family adjust to caring for your new little blessing. With over 20 years of personal and professional experience, Laurie Ann understands that this adjustment can be difficult. But with a little hand holding, you will be sure to have a much smoother transition.

What’s it worth to you?

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Give the Gift that Every New Mom Needs

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